U.S. Antique Shows is much more than the name reveals. As the world’s largest producer of indoor antique shows, we focus on serving the unique needs of both our customers and the entire antique community by featuring internationally recognized dealers and a wide range of antiques, antique jewelry and watches. Thus, our mission, Antique Intelligence, was born.

Antique Intelligence represents the culmination of many aspects of the antique industry, including our talented staff that, with more than 100 years of combined tradeshow experience, have produced and promoted timely, unique and successful events. These events continue to provide our dealers’ opportunities to broaden their reach in attracting a target audience of antique enthusiasts.


U.S. Antique Shows
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Our Team

  • Dan Darby Vice President & General Manager P: 239.732.6652 email
  • Katrina Canady Sales Director P: 239.494.5414 email
  • Daphne Moss Sales Manager P: 239.330.3837 email
  • Erin O’Donnell Marketing Director P: 646.668.3742 email
  • Rowena Burcham Marketing Manager P: 239.449.8157 email
  • Sacha Smith Graphic Designer P: 770.291.5437 email
  • Melissa Garcia Operations Manager P: 949.226.5792 email
  • Wendy Martinez Operations Coor. P: 239.330.3836 email